Honey Spoon Baking Co. provides customers with a unique buying experience. After selecting one of our two base granolas – described in delicious detail below – you can choose from a rotating selection of add ins, including dried fruits, seeds, dark chocolate and salted caramel – to create the granola of your dreams. As well as your bag of granola goodness, you will receive a card outlining the ingredients you’ve chosen so that you can recreate your custom blend week after week, guaranteeing a lifetime of happy breakfasts (or lunches, snacks – heck – even dinners. We won’t judge.) And, because we love to experiment with flavour combinations, each week you visit us at the Market, we will have an innovative, seasonal flavour of the week. For those who have trouble deciding, we will be offering “Granola Flights” – our two regular blends plus the weekly flavour in 200 gram bags, all packaged in a reusable cotton bag for your enjoyment.

The Honey Spoon Blend
Our signature blend of oats, almonds and hemp hearts coated in a delicious caramelized honey butter and toasted to golden, clumpy perfection.

The Maple, Pecan &
Olive Oil Blend

This blend of oats, pecans, coconut flakes, sunflower seeds and pepitas, toasted with maple syrup and olive oil is a whole foods, vegan extravaganza!

Granola Bars
The real thing. Chewy, buttery and crumbly all at once – and since they are made with local organic oats – virtuous to boot! We include whatever inspires us that week – fresh nuts, dark chocolate, coconut, hemp hearts, dried apricots and flax seeds are just a few things we find inspiring.

Sweet & Salty Wedges
A mixture of dates, almonds, pepitas, flax seeds and dark chocolate chunks. This grain-free, energy-filled, versatile snack works with your morning coffee or your evening glass of red.

Drop by and visit us at one of our sweet spots – you never know what delicious treats you might find!