Parsnip Pear and Ginger Layer Cake with Honey Goat Cheese Icing

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This is my favourite cake of all time.  It has a complex grown-up flavour with the fresh brightness of lemons, zesty ginger, earthy parsnips and sweet pears.  It practically screams autumn.  This recipe was adapted from one of my baking heroes, Lily Vanilli, but I’ve replaced the spelt flour she uses with buckwheat flour to make the cake gluten free. I’ve also topped it with a creamy icing, flavoured with goat cheese and honey that compliments it pretty well, if I do say so myself.

PPG - sliced

If you do decide to go the fancy route, I like to bake the cakes and make the toppings the day before, and then ice and decorate the cakes the next day.  I find it easiest to work with icing that’s just been made or at room temperature, and cakes that are just out of the fridge, or even slightly frozen.
PPG 3Now, go make this cake while everything’s in season – you won’t regret it!



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