Our Logo and Packaging

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Art + Craft + Design, Honeyspoon Loves | No Comments

When I was starting Honeyspoon, I had some definite ideas about the look and feel of our packaging and logo – I wanted a handmade rustic feel, and – well, that’s where my ideas ended! And, that’s where our wonderful designer Anna Stowe came in – she took all my vague ideas and turned them into the beautiful logo and packaging that we have today. I had long been a fan of Anna’s artwork, and have a few of her pieces in my home, so I knew that she would create something that I would love. In fact, Anna often knew what I would love even before I did! For example – I would have never thought of putting the colour yellow in our logo, but as soon as I saw it, I absolutely loved it and knew it was right for us – it’s the colour of sunshine, bumblebees, dandelions and, of course, honey – all the things that we stand for!

Anna also worked with me on our packaging – not only creating the graphic elements but also helping me think through how things would work, and what would be practical on busy market days. I love the way that our best before stamp is like our own little postmark, and the logo on our bag is reminiscent of the chalkboards that we use throughout our display.

Another instance of Anna anticipating what we would need even before I did are these wonderful spoon patterns. They are great for many applications like web and social media backgrounds, and – someday – a custom iphone case.

In short – we love our logo and packaging and hope you do too! We also love our designer Anna, who is not only brilliant, but a pleasure to work with and recommended unreservedly!